Support programms

The town of Geilenkirchen was a so-called EU-Target -2-support area in the support phase betweeen 2000 – 2006. Although the state of NRW dissolved its EU support as of 2007 in micro-geographic terms into support areas and non-support areas, it is expected that specific regionalized EU-co-financed support instruments for commercial investment projects based on the original support areas (i.e. including Geilenkirchen) can be used until mid 2008. In addition, Geilenkirchen remains a support area of the national-state community project and thus, under certain circumstances, qualifies commercial investment projects in the town area for specific investment subsidies of up to 15 % from the Regional Economic Support Programme of NRW.In addition to these regionalized special instruments, companies, and those setting up companies, can of course also make use of the whole range of specific support programmes of the state (NRW.Bank) and federal government (kfW Small companies bank).Financial support must (in most cases) be applied for at a bank, prior to the setting up of businesses or investment projects. The bank will also provide you with consultancy on special benefits of support for your specific line of business. The WFG Economic Support Company provides initial, non-binding information for the town of Geilenkirchen via the District of Heinsberg mbH. We would be pleased to provide personal contacts to the support consultants at WFG. Here is an overview of the most important support programmes for the location of Geilenkirchen:

Support for setting up and maintaining businesses

  • NRW.Bank-Start credit
  • Target-2-Higher Education Entrepreneur Fund (until mid 2008)
  • GuW Investment and working capital loans
  • GuW Subordinate loans
  • GuW Target groups
  • Masters’ business bonus NRW
  • KfW-Company credit
  • KfW-Company capital
  • KfW-Starting money
  • KfW-Micro-loans

Small businesses support

  • NRW.Bank Small businesses credit
  • GuW Investment and working capital loans
  • GuW Subordinate loans
  • RWP Investment bonus
  • Investment capital for small businesses (from NRW/EU-Programme Target 2) (until mid 2008)
  • ERP Participation programme
  • KfW-Company credit
  • KfW-Company capital
  • Guarantees / equity capital

Consultancy programmes

  • Potential consultancy from ESF funds
  • Consultancy programme - Economics
  • RWP Consultancy support
  • Company consultancy for small businesses

Technology support

  • Technology and Innovation programme (TIP) NRW
  • ERP Innovation programme

We are of course available for any questions you may have concerning details of the individual support programmes. You can obtain further information by using the links below.

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