Important information regarding the coronavirus

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Information for all parents whose children attend an open all-day school

As you already know, the current corona problem is leading to the loss of all childcare services. For this reason, new regulations regarding the reimbursement of Kita contributions were already announced on 25.03.2020. We can answer the question of whether the reimbursement of OGS contributions was forgotten as follows:

No, the city of Geilenkirchen did not forget the contributions for OGS care in its information on the parental contributions for care in a day care centre or in day care.

The parents who are affected by this know that the Kita fees are collected by the city, while the OGS fees are collected directly by the responsible body of the OGS, the Malteserwerke.

After the city had announced the decision to suspend the collection of the Kita fees for the month of April 2020, Malteserwerke was contacted directly. Understandably, the city cannot decide on their collection of contributions.

Now that this vote has been taken, we can now inform the parents concerned that the regulation for the Kita and day care fees will be applied analogously to the OGS fees for the month of April.

We hope that we can thus offer some relief for the crisis-related loss of all public childcare since 26.02.2020. A final decision is reserved for the city council.

Information for all parents whose children attend a day care centre or whose child is in day care

In order to contain the corona virus infection, the state of NRW has issued a ban on entering all day-care facilities, day-care centres and schools. As a result, childcare services will not be available for the time being.

The district administrator of the Heinsberg district, Mr. Pusch, has already declared his support for a suspension of parental contributions in this regard. The Jugendämter (youth welfare offices) in the Heinsberg district are endeavouring to find a uniform solution here, so that no advantages or disadvantages arise for certain groups of people within parenthood in the district area.

The basis for the use of parental contributions is the statutes currently in force in the respective youth welfare office districts, which do not, however, contain any exemption regulations for situations such as the one we are all currently in. Political decisions are therefore needed in the respective city councils and in the district councils to regulate exemption from contributions.

At the same time, the responsible minister at state level, Dr. Stamp, has currently announced a uniform regulation for exemptions from contributions throughout the state, which would have to be awaited in this context.

Subject to a corresponding regulation, the city of Geilenkirchen will not collect any parental contributions for the month of April 2020 for care in a day care centre or in day care for children within the scope of the existing SEPA direct debit mandates. In the case of existing standing orders, a return transfer will be made upon request.

The political bodies will decide on the final procedure retrospectively, taking into account the current decree situation of the State of NRW.

For the time being, there will be no formal decision on non-recovery for the given reason and in order to reduce administrative expenses. A revocation of the SEPA direct debit mandate is therefore not necessary.

Communication of 26.03.

Catalogue of fines for violations of the CoronaSChVO.

General decree of 19.03. is repealed, with immediate effect only the CoronaSChVO.

Encouraging results of initial checks

The rules, regulations and bans laid down in the Ordinance on Protection against New Infections with the Corona Virus (CoronaSchVO) of 22.03.2020 are strictly and disciplinedly observed by almost all citizens. Furthermore, continuous and intensive checks by our public order office on Monday and today show that the contact bans are also being observed. These checks will of course be continued. In this context, our affected shops, businesses and companies deserve special mention, which have also adapted with great discipline to the constantly changing legal situation in recent days. In spite of cuts that threatened their existence, it was also possible to carry out mostly positive and consensual communication adapted to the legal situation.

I wish us all good health and that we all survive this crisis together as unscathed as possible.

Communication of 24.03., 12.00 am

The company Schönmackers asks to avoid increased bulky waste

Communication of 23.03., 8.00 am

New regulation of the state of NRW, including a ban on contact

Communication of 20.03., 10.30 am

New general disposition from 19.03.: No consumption of food and drinks in restaurants, pubs, cafés etc. allowed.

The Häckselgutplatz remains closed until further notice.

Deliveries to SP Recycling GmbH, Prummerner Weg, 52511 Geilenkirchen are still possible during the known opening hours.

Waste collection will start from 23.03.2020 already at 05:30 am.

Small delivery points of the Heinsberg district in Gangelt-Hahnbusch and Wassenberg-Rothenbach will be closed from 19.03. until at least 31.03.

Closure of facilities

On 22 March, the State of NRW adopted new, even more far-reaching measures to contain the spread of the corona virus by decree.

In addition to the ban on childcare for schools and kindergartens and the closure of facilities and restrictions in the hotel and restaurant sector, § 12 contains a so-called contact ban. This prohibits meetings and gatherings in public of more than 2 persons.

Hairdressers, Tattoostudios etc. are likewise immediately closed due to the regulation.

These regulations apply uniformly in the country. The general disposition of the city of Geilenkirchen of 19.03. is basically replaced by the regulation of the state NRW.

Reference is made to § 13 of the ordinance with regard to the previously issued general rulings.

The Düsseldorf District Government has issued a decree on the disposal of explosive ordnance, which is being overturned with immediate effect.

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