Geilenkirchen today

"Deep in the West ... Herbert Grönemeyer sang about his homeland. Even deeper in the West, namely in the German-Dutch border area, lies the city of Geilenkirchen, a city with a history of over 630 years.

Today's values ​​of healthy and nature-oriented living as well as the increasing demands on the school and education sector are realized as well as an sufficient offering for meaningful and diverse leisure activities. Thus, Geilenkirchen presents itself today as an attractive city with international and tolerant flair, where it is good to live and reside. Geilenkirchen therefore deserves a closer look and not just a glance.

You can find all information about Geilenkirchen and its villages in the Neubürgerbroschüre 2023.

City of Geilenkirchen

The historical backgrounds of the city of Geilenkirchen are still recognizable today in the form of numerous buildings in the city center that harmoniously blend into the urban landscape. However, the modern city center invites strolling and lingering with its wide pedestrian areas, traffic-calmed zones, shopping opportunities, and gastronomic offerings. This shopping offer in the city center is expanded by the commercial areas of Selka, Fürthenrode, and the Niederheid-Süd industrial estate, which is currently being expanded.

The city has excellent transportation connections. It is optimally connected by two federal highways (B 221 and B 56) with access to the A 44 and A 46 motorways, various rural and district roads, as well as its location on the Aachen-Düsseldorf railway line. In addition, there are two barrier-free train stations in the city area – Geilenkirchen and Lindern – from where you can travel without changing trains to the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia and beyond.

Due to its proximity and good connections to numerous universities and major cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the city has become an international study location. But it's not just students who enjoy the high quality of life in Geilenkirchen. With a wide range of kindergartens, multilingual primary schools, secondary schools, and various further education institutions in the city area, the city also offers families an attractive and family-friendly environment. In addition, there are various social facilities such as nursing homes, various doctors, and a regionally renowned hospital in the city center.

Leisure Activities and Events

Over 150 clubs throughout the city area offer a comprehensive range of leisure activities. Both in the city center and in the idyllically located villages, there are regular invitations to shared experiences and festivities. Sports enthusiasts have access to nearly all types of sporting activities.

Nature lovers will find charming landscapes in the nature reserves "Teverener Heide" and "Wurmtal," which not only enchant hikers but are also perfect for exploring the extensive city area by bicycle.

The diverse cultural and event program of the city of Geilenkirchen captivates both residents and visitors from near and far. Concerts, exhibitions, and event series, some of which span several days, are part of Geilenkirchen's annual calendar. Highlights of the event year include the wine festival, the internationally renowned Piano Summer, and the contemplative Nikolausmarkt. You can find all current events at: Monatlicher Veranstaltungskalender.

Geilenkirchen International

With its thirty larger and smaller villages, our beautiful city lies right in the heart of Western Europe. This is also reflected in the population, which, influenced by interactions with various cultures, characters, and perspectives, is characterized by openness and tolerance. This is due in no small part to the presence of the Bundeswehr with its Verification Centre, the Canadian Forces Support Unit Europe, and the NATO Air Base in the city area.

Geilenkirchen has been a garrison town since 1953. The various soldiers have long become an integral and universally recognized part of the population or public life.

There is also a special bond between the city of Geilenkirchen and its French twin town, Quimperlé. This partnership has been in place for over 55 years. More information at: Städtepartnerschaft.