French Connection - Twin City Partnership Quimperlé

The friendship between Quimperlé in northwestern France and Geilenkirchen has been in existence for over 50 years! 

The city of Geilenkirchen has always maintained friendly relations with neighboring cities in the Dutch-Belgian border region. For 50 years now, there has been a twinning between the French city of Quimperlé and the city of Geilenkirchen.

With the solemn signing of the Élysée Treaty in January 1963, the two great statesmen Konrad Adenauer and Charles de Gaulle initiated a friendship between Germans and French that has now become a matter of course. An era marked by war between the two countries, France and Germany, was finally over. Henceforth, an unstoppable desire for friendship pervaded the German and French peoples. Numerous twinnings between German and French cities and municipalities bear witness to the fruits of this friendship that binds nations. One of these many sealed German-French city partnerships has existed since 1966 between Geilenkirchen and Quimperlé.

About Quimperlé

Quimperlé is located in northwestern France and has been a sister city of Geilenkirchen since 1966. On July 16, 1966, the mayors and chief administrative officers of both cities signed the twinning charter in Geilenkirchen. A year later, the twinning was confirmed in a ceremony in Quimperlé.

Location: In the French department of Finistère in Brittany in the Quimper Arrondissement

Population: 12,077

Elevation: 30 meters above sea level

While initially reconciliation and understanding between Germany and France were at the forefront, nowadays it is increasingly a cooperation determined by responsibility. Many wishes and expectations that the two cities had with the sealing of their connection have since been fulfilled. Thus, a strong, indispensable bond of friendship could be forged.

The twinning connection is regularly made visible through lively student and internship exchanges and encounters between local associations, groups, and official delegations. Therefore, Quimperlé and Geilenkirchen may rightly look with pride and joy at their long-standing and always lively partnership.

In recognition of their significant European activities, the city of Geilenkirchen has been awarded multiple times by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. In 1992, it received the Europe Diploma, in 1993 the Europe Honorary Flag, and in 1998 the Honorary Plaque as the second-highest award of the Council of Europe.

The golden jubilee of this unique city partnership was celebrated in Geilenkirchen in 2016 and in Quimperlé in 2017.

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Contact for the city partnership

Cultural Office of the City of Geilenkirchen

Rebecca Rahmen

Markt 9, 52511 Geilenkirchen

Tel. 02451/629-419;

Chairman of the Geilenkirchen-Quimperlé Partnership Association

Willy Davids

Tel.: 02451/3353