Twinning and similar arrangements

City Partnership Geilenkirchen - Quimperlé

For many years, the town has supported international efforts at understanding and cooperation by maintaining close contacts with neighbouring towns in Belgium and the Netherlands in the areas close to the borders.

In addition, the town has maintained a twinning arrangement since 1966 with the French town of Quimperlé in Brittany, and this arrangement has become part of everyday life in both towns. In 1986, Geilenkirchen celebrated the 600th anniversary of its becoming a town. The 30th anniversary of the twinning arrangement was celebrated in 1996. Due to their joint efforts at helping Europe to work together more efficiently, Quimperlé and Geilenkirchen have been awarded a number of prizes, such as the European Flag in 1993 and the European plaque of the European Commission in 1998. For many years, Geilenkirchen has maintained excellent relations with Dutch towns close to the border, especially with Sittard. You are receiving more information about Sittard and Quimperlé by the following links: